Technical translation means the translation of documents containing technical information into other languages. Although the translation of technical documents is not specific to any sector, it covers many different areas such as informatics, food, industry, telecommunications. We can give patents or general usage manuals of technology products and scientific data in practice. Since the technical translation documents will meet with many users, the translation should be clear and easy to understand by people of all education levels, so the translator should have a good command of the target language and field terminology. . The slightest term error in translation

It may cause the scientific or technical value of the text in a foreign language to decrease and even the whole meaning to be wrong and thus the work to fail. As Bulvar Translation, we work with expert translators who have a good command of technical concepts and terminology and have professional experience in the technical field. We provide translation services to many industrial organizations, importers and exporters. The address of success in every translation in every language, Bulvar Translation is always at your service.

Main Technical Documents We Translated

  • Patents
  • User manuals
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Technological Product Catalogs
  • Technical instructions
  • Material and product catalogs

As Bulvar Translation Office, which is located between Istanbul Translation Offices and Istanbul Translation Offices, we are at your service with our expert translators in the field of technical translation as well as in other translation fields.

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