Sworn translator; In accordance with the notary public law, those who want to act as a sworn translator submit their diploma by applying to the notary publics that they speak a foreign language, taking an oath before the notary public and keeping a report.

Sworn translation is the service of translating the document you send us by our sworn translators in accordance with the original and then signing and sealing.

A subsidiary of Bulvar Translation, Arapçeviri.com provides not only Arabic translation services, but also translation services in 20 languages ​​in sworn translation services.

Among our sworn translation services, all kinds of documents, including official documents such as diploma, marriage certificate, passport, certificate of identity register copy, are translated and signed by our sworn translators who have a certificate of oath from the notaries.

Who is a Sworn Translator?

Under the law, people will be certified interpreter must be citizens of the Republic of Turkey. The document that sworn translators have stamped and signed is called a sworn translation. Translations made by sworn translators are approved only by the notary publics where the translator is in the oath. In other words, the fact that the translator is a sworn translator does not mean that the signature of that person will be recognized by another notary public.

According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey an interpreter, you can receive the memorandum from different notary public oath. There is no restriction on this matter. Some conditions are required for the translated document to be considered as a sworn translation. These conditions are;

Translation by a notarized sworn translator,
In the translation, information such as the name of the sworn translator, the language of translation and the translated language, and the date of the translation must be included.

Documents to be certified by the notary;

It must be prepared in at least two sets, together with the original and its translations. For example, if the original document is in Turkish, the Arabic translation of the language to be translated, for example, is put on the Turkish document and stapled together.
Documents are prepared in 2 copies in this way and one copy remains at the notary. The other sample is delivered to you. The reason for this is to avoid the possibility of later changes and modifications to the document. In the event of any dispute or problem that may arise later, the copies of the documents kept in the notary public are deemed valid.

Overall the Certified Translation Services in Turkey

After you scan your sworn translation with a scanner and send it to us by e-mail, our sworn translators will prepare your sworn translation as soon as possible and our company will deliver your sworn translation to you by hand, cargo, courier or mail.

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