Simultaneous translation is a simultaneous translation. While the speaker continues his speech, the translator listens to the speaker with the earphone on the one hand, and translates to the audience on the other hand through the microphone.

As can be seen, for simultaneous translation, the translator must be present in a team that has a command of both languages, has high concentration and rapid understanding skills, and will also provide technical service as equipment such as microphone and headphones are used in this translation. Our technicians, who set up the necessary technical system for the simultaneous system, do their best to ensure that everything is smooth until the organization is completed. Our sound technicians can detect and fix any problems that may arise with the translation system. The address of success in every translation in every language, Bulvar Translation is always at your service.

  • Main Fields of Simultaneous Translation:
  • Seminars, congresses and symposiums
  • Sports organizations and encounters.
  • Television programs and especially live broadcasts.
  • International diplomatic talks.

As Bulvar Translation Office, which is the best translation agency in Istanbul, we are at your service with our expert staff and voice technicians in the field of simultaneous translation as well as in other translation fields.

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