Today, many people training, resort, Turkey prefers to live or for commercial activities. foreign nationals residing in Turkey for various purposes in official circles is many people’s process. If all procedures are performed in the circle image of the Republic of Turkey in the Turkish language. All kinds of official transactions are carried out by a Notary Sworn Translator in order to prevent future problems for foreign nationals who do not speak Turkish enough or not at all. Marriage procedures are also one of these official transactions. A Notary Sworn Translator in the relevant language is present in the marriage procedures of foreign nationals who do not speak Turkish. In order for the marriage to be valid, it is necessary to understand and answer the words of the Marriage Officer. At this very moment, the Notary Sworn Translator translates the communication between the bride-groom and the Registrar. On this day when you are the happiest, Bulvar is the address of success in every translation in every language.

Our Nikâh Translation operations are not only limited to the translation to be made at the time of marriage, we also do the Notarized Translation of the documents required beforehand.

Foreign nationals for marriage;

1) Notarized Passport Translation

2) Apostilled Certificate of Celibacy

3) Apostilled Birth Certificate is required.

If the foreign national person will bring the relevant Bachelor’s and Birth certificate from his / her own country, he / she must have it approved by the Turkish Embassy in his / her country or obtain Apostille approval. If after these documents notarized sworn translation is to be taken from the respective consulates in Turkey, if present in Istanbul, Istanbul Governor’s Office of Legal Affairs Directorate in Ankara if the T. C. It needs to be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As Bulvar Translation Office, we are at your service with the Notarized Translation of the documents required for the marriage application and with our Oral Translators during the marriage, as well as in other translation fields, with our expert staff.

Do not make your decision without getting a price by talking to Bulvar Translation, which is among the best translation offices in Istanbul.

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