Linguistic and social differences have existed throughout history. It is not always easy to translate words in one language into another language or to transfer cultural elements to the target language. Not always the word in the target language that corresponds to the meaning in the source language makes the translation process difficult. At this point, the localization process comes into play. Localization is the process of adapting a translated document to the cultural structure, traditions, beliefs and local uses of the country in the target language. Thanks to this process, the target audience does not feel foreign. This translation should be done by experts who are familiar with the target culture. Although it is mostly done in advertising, promotion, marketing, website areas, it is also done in literary works. The address of success in every translation in every language, Bulvar Translation is always at your service in this field.

Some Areas Where Localization Service is Most Needed

  • Marketing Areas
  • Advertisements
  • Web Sites
  • Mobile Application
  • Literary Works

As the best translation agency in Istanbul Translation Offices, Bulvar Translation Office is an expert in Localization as in other fields.

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