Translations of legal texts require advanced expertise, experience, knowledge and diligence because mistakes in the field of law will not be compensated and may have consequences affecting human life.

Our team of translators, who perform legal translations, consists of experienced translators who are experts in the field of law, have a good command of legal terminology, and have theoretical knowledge of the legal systems and legal processes in the world. The address of success in every translation in every language, Bulvar Translation is always at your service.

Major Legal Documents We Translated

  • Legislations and Regulations
  • Court and witness reports
  • Legal Reports
  • Inheritance announcements
  • Notification Documents
  • Contract translations
  • Government reports
  • Power of Attorney, Petitions
  • License translations
  • Wallet, passport and identity documents

As Istanbul Translation Offices and Istanbul Translation Office Bulvar Translation Office, we are at your service with our expert translators in the field of Legal translation as well as in other translation fields.

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