Deciphering is the transcription of audio (CD) or both audio and visual recordings (VCD, DVD) and translation into the desired language. The audio or video recordings of the presentations, speech texts and statements made by the participants in all kinds of meetings, especially conferences, seminars, congresses, meetings, are carefully transcribed by our expert team and translated into the language you want. As Bulvar Translation, we decipher the digital records you want and translate them into the language you want with experienced translators in this field. We provide transcription translation services to many institutions, organizations and individuals. The address of success in every translation in every language, Bulvar Translation is always at your service in this field.

Main Areas We Deciphered

  • Meeting recordings
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Advertisements
  • Movies and Documentaries
  • Teleconferences

As Bulvar Translation Office, which is among the best translation offices in Istanbul, we are at your service with our expert staff of translators in the field of transcription as in other translation fields.

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