In literary translations, it is very important to reflect the excitement, emotion, sadness and joy that the artist has while writing his work. These alone are not enough for a successful literary translation. In order to ensure a good literary translation, it is important to read and digest the work to be translated, while it is also important to master the other works of the author.

It is very important for the translator to reflect the work he reads and embarks on, because the mood of the work of a literary work can only be given by its style. The success of literary translation depends primarily on the correctness of the translation, that is, the translator’s knowledge of his native language and the language of the book he translates very well, but these are not enough. The translator should also not extend beyond the text, make additions or subtractions. The address of success in every translation in every language, Bulvar Translation is always at your service.

Main Literary Texts We Have Translated

  • Novels
  • Stories / Stories
  • Theater Works
  • Poetry
  • Literary journals
  • Travelbooks
  • Scenarios

Istanbul translation offices and Istanbul translation office As Bulvar Translation Office, we are at your service with our expert staff in literary translation as in other translation fields.

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