How much is your fee?
We offer you an offer based on the number of words in the document you send. Fees may vary depending on the content of the document and the language pair.

How long do translations take?
Each project has different lengths and content, but we provide our translation service by considering the most reasonable time for our customers.

Do your translators use computer-aided translation tools?
Yes, there are several different computer assisted translation programs we use.

What information should I give you?
We need information about the event, such as the date, place, full-time or part-time study, the language pair to be translated, the reference word list with special terminology and the content of the event (panel, debate, presentations, topic, etc.).

In what format would you prefer me to send my document?
We accept hard copies such as books, brochures and leaflets. We also accept soft copies in formats such as MS Office program files, Quark, Adobe, Photoshop, Corel and Trados.

Is editing included in translation service?
Yes it is included. This is a condition that will be accepted at the proposal stage.

Can I request only proofreading or proofreading without translation?
Generally, we prefer to translate documents ourselves, but we can accept a request for proofreading or proofreading when the quality of the translation is unsure.

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